Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Introduction to the land of streetadore!

I have created so many blogs, in hope that they will arise to become like Rumi Neelys ‘fashiontoast’ or Tavi Genvisons ‘the style rookie’ (apologies if I misspelt any names, my careless efforts of spelling names correctly are getting much to apparent).

Every blog I created has been about fashion. I can’t seem to let this topic go. Obviously, I love fashion. And I think by saying I don’t love fashion is an underestimation of my capability to ADORE fashion.  

I solemnly swear to put my 100% efforts into writing this blog, my dedication and participation will be consistent!
^Yes I solemnly swear. However, my solemnly swears never really… are promising.

Anyhow, with school hectic, I will put my best efforts in.

Au revoir! 

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