Wednesday, 24 April 2013

hauling and getting lost in a city and having to run four kilometers

I don’t feel proud to say that I have had a ‘successful day of shopping’. That sentence just somewhat repels me. Perhaps because I feel that there are people in the world suffering, and we are spending money shopping! And if we only bought one top, that is deemed an unsuccessful shopping trip. Whilst others have a top that is barely accounted for as one.

Today I went to the city. Despite my common knowledge of Perth’s bus routes I  managed to get off at the wrong stop. Which resulted in me and my best friend running 4 kilometres to the city centre.

I had an excellent day. The sales were phenomenally great as it is the mid-year sale. Okay, phenomenally is an exaggeration, because in Perth, our sales are the prices you would get in America, or even less!

Sweater from Paper Scissors - $19.99

Ugg Boots from Red Dot! (who would have thought) $12.99

Excuse the dog toy in the background - Sweater from the first photo!

Army Tank Top from Myer's Miss Shop - $14.95

Yeahhhh, so that was my mini haul!!! 


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